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Short story Winners

26 April 2017
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Congratulations to our Children in Care Council 8-12 year old short story Winners and here is the epic piece of writing…  

The Williams Twins

The Williams twins thought they were normal 12 year old girls but that was all about to change.

"Riley, Horizon time to get up." Mum called
"But mum it's our birthday so we can go back to bed." Riley said
"Classic Riley." Said Horizon sarcastically
"OH SHUT UP!" Screamed Riley
"DON'T YOU USE THAT TONE WITH ME!" Horizon yelled, failing to flip her ginger hair in Riley's face.

They walk down stairs calmly ,well Riley did Horizon slid down the banister.

Dad walked in with two bracelets and said "They came in the post box they have your names on them."
"Oh yippee." Horizon said sarcastically

"Just what we need!" Riley added Horizon was handed the bracelets and simply dropped them suddenly a young woman appeared and said "Riley and Horizon Williams, you two have been accepted at Y.A.W.S," Riley and Horizon stared to scream and jump around like babies. They all instantly were teleported to a beautiful building. Tyler their younger sister moaned "Mr bear and I wanna go back home, right now!"

"We can go once we've dropped off the twins, OK?" Dad said calmly. The twins said their goodbyes and walked into the small cottage. When they were inside, it looked like a mansion! As soon as they were inside an old woman bombarded them with questions such as "What books have you read about magic?" And "when did you know you were magic?"

"I have read 40 magic books and I kinda sorta only just found out." Said Riley
"I read 20 and I just found out." Said Horizon
"So are your family staying?" Said the old woman
"Well-"NO WE ARE NOT!" Tyler interrupted Riley
"Oh don't be so mean Tyler." Said Mum
"Meh I don't care." Said Riley and Horizon simultaneously.
The family left.

"Excuse me for asking but what are your names and ages girls?" Said the old woman
"Um I'm Riley." Said Riley
"Oh and I'm Horizon." Said Horizon
"And we're 12." They said simultaneously (again, starting to creep out the woman)

Two more families arrived and a girl and boy bumped into Riley and Horizon

"Hey I'm Travis and this is Generallyvieve." Said the boy
"No I'm Genevieve." Said the girl
"I'm Horizon and this is Riotley." Said Horizon
"No I'm Riley." Said Riley

"Oh by the way I'm Miss.Smith."

"This is going to be a great year." Exclaimed Genevieve