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Money advice

Learning to manage your money is an important life skill.

From 16 years old your Pathway Plan will include assessments of how much you need to live on, how you manage that money and advice on applying for support after you turn 18.

16-17 years old

Your Pathway Plan will include:

  • an assessment of what money you need to live on
  • how good you are at handling money
  • an assessment of your understanding about saving money
  • whether you have a bank account

Your Personal Advisor will then work with us to make sure that you receive a weekly allowance to cover the cost of:

  • accommodation
  • food and domestic bills
  • pocket money
  • transport costs for education and training
  • clothing
  • childcare costs

18 or over

Financial support for children in care stops at 18.

Your Pathway Plan sets out what other financial support you can claim and how to get it.

Leaving Care Grant

You can apply for a Leaving Care Grant of at least £2,000 to help you buy essential things when you move into your own home.

Contact Essex County Council on 0345 743 0430 to find out more.

Claiming benefits

You may be able to claim benefits which include:

Information on managing debt

Top tips:

Know how much you have to spend every month/week
Know what you have to pay for every month
Avoid ‘payday’ loans
Check that you are getting all the support you are entitled to

Other information:

Some gas and electric companies offer help if you owe large amounts of money. Call and see if they can help.

Speak to your social worker or a worker where you live who may be able to offer support to get help.
You can use budget planning tools from the debt advice foundation at

Who can help me?

Citizens advice: 03444111444

Step change: 08001381111

CAP: 01274760720

National debt line: 08088084000

Shelter: 0808800444

Debt advice Foundation: 08000434050