Foster carers

There are lots of different types of foster carer. Some live by themselves, others are couples and some have children.

They have lots of checks and are assessed by social care services before they can have children or young people placed with them.

Being with a foster carer might feel tough, but they will try and make you feel welcome and will help you with all the things you want or need. This includes:

  • getting you to school
  • taking you to clubs and groups
  • making sure you are healthy

Getting to know your foster carer

We know that going to live with a new foster carer or foster family can feel a bit scary, which is why we've made a form for them to fill in that tells you all about them and the place where you'll be living.

Your social worker will make sure you get the form before you go to live with your foster carer. You can see what the form looks like below.

A form for a foster carer to complete with text boxes for who they are, interesting facts about me, my favourite food is and my favourite film/TV programmes are...

Text boxes to be filled by a foster carer about house rules, our house, our garden, your room and things you can do around here

House rules

When you’re in care you and your property should be treated with respect by all the people looking after you.

In the same way, you’ll be expected to treat the people who look after you and their home with respect.

House rules are a guide so you know what to expect when you go to live somewhere different. They might include:

  • coming in times
  • bedtimes
  • how loud you play your music
  • where you can use the computer
  • mobile phone use 
  • privacy

Having these rules helps you to live together happily. If rules are broken on purpose, or you get into trouble outside of your foster or children’s home, you may be grounded or not allowed to do something you enjoy, like watching TV or playing video games.

Your punishment should never include being:

  • hit
  • shouted at
  • stopped from making an arranged visit to see your family or social worker

If there are other children and young people living with you who are not sticking to the rules, talk to your carers or your social worker about it. Rules are there for everyone!

Please talk to your social worker if you: