Most children and young people who come into care will stay at the same school. Sometimes you might change to a school that’s nearer and easier to get to. If this happens, everyone will make sure that you’re asked what you want and will help you with the changes.

The people who look after you can help you get to school or college and even help where they can with your homework! They will also go to your school open evenings, plays and sports days.

Designated Teacher

In your school there will be someone called a designated teacher who is responsible for children in care. They know about working with young people like you and the difficulties you might experience when living in care.

They will also make sure you get the help you need to do your best in school and will keep in contact with your social worker and foster carers. If you need to speak to someone in school, they should be there to listen to you.

Britannica Digital Learning

Essex Virtual School had purchased a licence for every child in care to have access to Britannica Digital Learning.  This is Encyclopaedia Britannica online.  This is in direct response to requests made at It's My Life feedback for help with homework.  Please talk to your foster carer or social worker about how to log in.