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Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO)

Essex Independent Reviewing Officer:

  • All children in care are given an Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) whose job is to make sure that the right plans and best care is provided for you.
  • IROs are “independent” so that they can challenge social workers or other people to ask them to do the right things for you.
  • IROs should get to know you, by visiting you or speaking with you, and they should make sure that you know how to contact them.
  • IROs will hold meetings which are called “reviews” at least every six months.
  • A review is a chance to see: What is going well? What is going less well? and What needs to happen? so that your IRO can make sure that you are getting on alright.
  • You can ask your IRO to visit you, or you can speak with them in between your reviews.
  • You can ask to run/chair your own review meeting. Ask your IRO if you would like to do this.
  • You should be asked in advance who you would like at your review and what you would like to discuss. Speak to your IRO if you have not had a chance to say who you want to come to your meeting.
  • A review can happen sooner than every six months if it is needed or if the plans for you are changing.


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