Care Plan

When you come into care, we will work with you to write a Care Plan.

This is your plan and your views are really important to us.

Your Care Plan explains:

  • why you need to be in care
  • what is going to happen to you
  • where you will live
  • how your social worker, foster carer and other carers will support
    • your education
    • your health
    • your contact with family and friends

Writing your Care Plan

A number of people may work together to write your Care Plan.

  • social workers
  • foster parents or residential support staff
  • your teacher
  • your doctor
  • your relatives

Changing your Care Plan

Your plan will be reviewed (and can be changed) at your Looked After Children review meetings. These are regular meetings that bring together everyone who is involved in your care.

Any changes that you want to make will be discussed and agreed at these meetings.

Worried about your Care Plan

If you have any worries or concerns about your Care Plan, it’s important that you talk to a trusted adult such as your:

  • social worker
  • carer
  • teacher

If you feel that your issues are not being sorted then you can ask for an Independent Advocate.  You can ask your social worker or carer to arrange this for you.

This is someone who will support you to have your thoughts, feelings and wishes heard.