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Child Sexual Exploitation

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a manipulation of young people, under the age of 18, into sexual activity.

Raising awareness

The CiCC has produced a video to raise awareness amongst other young people.

Video transcript: Child Sexual Exploitation awareness - I didn't know

Detecting CSE

It can be difficult to detect CSE as it can seem like the young person is in a loving relationship. In all cases however, there is an imbalance of power and the young person is being manipulated.

CSE can happen to both young men and women.

Young men often find it harder to talk about or seek support. This can be due to stigma, prejudice, embarrassment or the fear that they won’t be believed.

Young people, both boys and girls, are groomed and sexually exploited in many different ways. These include:

  • Online
  • through street gangs
  • in religious environments
  • by those in positions of authority

Getting help

If you’re worried about being in an unhealthy relationship, or a victim of CSE then you can always talk to your:

  • social worker
  • teacher
  • youth worker
  • doctor

You can also call Childline on 0800 1111.